Innuy Named a Leading App Development Company by Clutch

Finding a good software development company to create your app or website is a challenging process. The market is saturated with firms that claim to be faster and cheaper than the next. But, low prices and high speeds alone are rarely synonymous with quality. At Innuy, we focus on putting in the right amount of time to build quality web applications that will make the right first impression with your customers.

Innuy ensures the quality of our final products with a tested development methodology that gets the job done without rushing through the essentials. We put outstanding quality first, and are never satisfied until our clients are.

As a company devoted to our clients, we are proud to announce that we have been included on Clutch’s list of top app development companies. Clutch is a ratings and reviews firm that uses in-depth interviews of a company’s past clients to rank them alongside companies from all over the world. This is an honor, as being included in Clutch’s rankings means not just that we advertise well, or that we completed a particularly impressive project, but that our clients genuinely appreciate the work that we do for them.

In addition to being included in Clutch’s rankings, we are excited to be featured on their sister-site, The Manifest, in their list of the top software developers in Uruguay. We were featured for our ability to consistently deliver quality software products, as well as a specific project we did with a mobile fintech company to develop an allowance app for kids:

We were also named a leading software developer on Clutch’s third site, Visual Objects, which only includes creative firms that make content where creativity and appearance are key. Our presence on this site means that not only do our products work well, but they also look great.

We would like to thank all of our clients for their support. We can only succeed when our customers are happy with our work, and that we have come this far means we must be doing something right. We are happy that our work so far has been so well reviewed, and we can’t wait to continue improving and providing next-level software solutions.  


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