Why Is Uruguay the First Choice as Outsourcing Destination?

Why Is Uruguay the First Choice as Outsourcing Destination?

All of us know that Uruguay, in South America, is a famous hub for software outsourcing. As the government treats software and related areas as priority sectors, the country hosts around 700 companies which are into software and app development. 
The amazingly growing software sector is one of the reasons that have contributed to the economic growth of Uruguay. You can estimate the financial position of Uruguay even from the Global economic prospects forecasts by World Bank Group. 


This data makes everyone curious to know the reasons behind Uruguay’s growth. No points for guessing; it is an outsourcing destination! 
Read further to know why Uruguay is the most popular outsourcing destination in South America. 

  1. Language

Unlike Asian countries which are also popular outsourcing destinations, the software professionals in Uruguay have a good working knowledge of the English language. 
The knowledge and proficiency of the English language among Uruguayans can be attributed to the education system of Uruguay; English is compulsory from mid-school. 
So, the client does not have to face problems in communicating with the outsourcing service provider located in Uruguay. 
The requirements of the project, along with the terms and conditions, can be conveniently communicated. Moreover, it is easy to understand each other’s perspective if there is no language barrier. 
Obviously, this also means that the professionals from Uruguay do not require any specialized language training to work with their outsourcing partner from the USA and Europe. 
So, for businesses from the countries in which English is the native language, Uruguay is the first choice of an outsourcing destination.       

  1. Time-Zone    

It is crucial to have similar time-zone settings for the service provider and servicer seeker businesses. To collaborate closely, and to hold important meetings, it is vital that the teams from both the ends are available simultaneously. 
Most of the times, it becomes inevitable to interact in real-time with the outsourcing partner. Different time zones pose challenges like delayed communication and poor accessibility of the team in urgency. Poor communication can also be a disaster in the success of an outsourced project. 
Uruguay has the advantage of having a time-zone very similar to that of the USA. The teams at both the ends can be available for work at the same time. 

  1. Education 

Uruguay has an excellent education system. Right from the public schools, Uruguay supports its students by giving them free laptops. The level of literacy in Uruguay is very high!
Uruguay has excellent higher education opportunities too. So, the number of skilled and educated people is high. 
Uruguay gives high-quality technical education facilities to its people. The biggest motivation for its people to choose software for education and career is that Uruguay is the technology leader with software outsourcing promoted by the government. 
When the demand is high, the supply follows! And, hence a large number of people in Uruguay are opting for software and app development careers.    

  1. Cultural Connect 

It is easier for companies from USA and Europe to work with Uruguay. There is a strong cultural connect. Cultural barriers often become a hindrance in the performance of the outsourcing partner. And, it has an impact on the end product. 
The most prominent reason why it is better to have a historical connection with the outsourcing destination is that the developer company can understand user behavior aspects before developing a solution for them. And, the outsourcing partners can engage better with each other when there is a cultural similarity.  

  1. Ease of Travel 

If you want to get high-quality software and app development solutions through long-term outsourcing projects, it becomes essential to engage with the outsourcing destination company by visiting them. 
Outsourcing to Uruguay is easy for the companies in the USA due to the proximity. The travel costs and time are less between the USA and Uruguay when compared to the time and expenses of traveling from the USA to the Asian countries. 
Visiting the premises of your outsourcing destination company helps you keep connected with their team, guide them, and solve their queries face to face. This increases the professional connection with the team. Also, even before you hire them, you can evaluate if they have the necessary resources to meet the needs of your project. 
Many companies keep regular visits to their outsourcing destination partner, to assure timeliness and quality throughout the development process. When you are outsourcing to Uruguay, you can visit your offshore development team conveniently.  

  1. Tax Benefits 

To encourage software exports, Uruguay supports its IT companies by not imposing VAT and corporate income tax on software export. 
Saving on taxes is an added incentive for software companies to export software freely. It also helps in competitive software pricing. No wonder, Uruguay is gathering more and more popularity in software outsourcing.   


If you are also looking for outsourcing destinations for building innovative apps and software, look no further than Uruguay. For the USA, Uruguay is a near-shore destination which never disappoints due to the similarity in language, culture, and time-zones. 
For European countries, Uruguay is the best outsourcing destinations owing to the availability of qualified talent and experience in software and app development sector. Compared to the USA and Europe, app development in Uruguay is cost-effective. 
You want the best for your clients, and only an expert can build the right solutions for you. So, contact us now for outsourcing your next project!    
Author Bio
Jin Markov is a Content Writer with GoodFirms, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on software outsourcing. 


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