Survive the end of Python 2: are you ready for 2020?

Business Trends Accelerated with Robust Python 3 

At the intersection of innovation and disruption is an opportunity. Analysts have said we are in the fourth industrial revolution: the age of digital transformation. Business leaders who stay attuned to industry-shifting trends that impact their digital properties are at a competitive advantage. 

From machine learning to autonomous vehicles, innovative technology has reframed how we interact. This digital backbone of businesses must keep pace to support continued innovation, minimize data vulnerabilities and maximize the integrity of data. Enter Python 3. 

Python is used to develop websites and mobile applications, or in techie language, desktop graphical user interface (GUI) applications. Right now, the industry is preparing for the retirement of an older version, Python 2 by January 1, 2020 when no further updates or support will be provided. This will leave digital assets using Python 2 exposed to a host of cyber threats, among other issues. 

Three is a Charm

With the return on investment for Python 2 depreciating, there is a new sense of urgency to choose Python 3 – the robust programming language to support the innovations driving business opportunities worldwide. Moreover, Python 3.8 is the newest version with strong support to bring innovative business ideas to life.

As with an aging and beloved automobile, there will come a time when a trade-up is inevitable. In this case, Python 2 is the beloved automobile and we are choosing Python 3 for our digital transportation needs moving forward. 

Sense of Urgency, Next Gen Functionality

Software development is experiencing its own revolution; keeping pace with robust functionality to support machine learning, protect data integrity and create complex digital assets. 

Around the world, businesses rely on software developers for ways to interact with customers, prospects, and employees. It’s all reliant on digital languages such as Python.

Developers have been migrating to Python 3 for a few years now, but time is running out. The combination of global business opportunities rooted in machine learning and the retirement of Python 2, make this the opportune time to choose Python 3. 

Data Security, Integrity

In comparison to the first Industrial Revolution, the digital sphere does not need the major infrastructure overhauls of that time period.  However, it does necessitate a matrix of on-going security protocols and updates to maintain and ensure data integrity and block vulnerabilities to critical information. 

Today, executives are responsible for the enormous responsibility of maintaining data security.  As we enter a new decade, entire industries are being reshaped with ML or AI, requiring more robust applications and functionality to further advance business opportunities. 

Looking Ahead: Next Gen Business Opportunities 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Python 3

  • Efficient Paths to Custom Development:  Python 3 allows for improved features including unpacking. This allows a file to be opened which has been compressed to take up less storage area. Speeding up the unpacking process can improve project outcomes and timelines. 

  • Machine Learning on the Rise: Python 3 is specifically used for ML applications and functionalities. As ML expands into a diverse range of industries, the use of current languages will be crucial. 

  • Provides Strong Building Blocks: Python 3 focuses on a simpler application program interface (APIs), making it easier to develop a program by providing all the needed building blocks.

  • Better Detect Errors: Python 3 better detects errors than earlier versions which directly relates to ROI of an initiative in time and cost. 

  • Your Business. Protected:  A move to Python 3 will protect your digital assets against code vulnerabilities as they provide fixes and updates on a regular basis.

With 2020 in sight, executives must seize new business opportunities with an eye toward technologies that fully support customer acquisition and client engagement goals - such as Python 3. The next generation of business opportunities depends on it. 

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