Why Uruguay is a Great Fit for US Accelerators/Start-ups that Need to Outsource Software Development

Why Uruguay is a Great Fit for US Accelerators/Start-ups that Need to Outsource Software Development 

Technology innovation and new business models are reshaping entire industries. At the center of this disruption are startups and accelerators. They, like you, only see the possible amid rapid change. There is, however, a roadblock to this make-it-happen mindset: fast access to resources.

The global startup economy is now worth nearly $3 trillion, a 20 percent increase in the past two years. Startups are more than equity-for-cash deals. They are a modern combination of accelerator, venture capital-funded, incubator and/or angel investors. And raising and spending capital efficiently remains a hallmark of the industry. 

No matter which industry you are in, access to resources – talent, supply chain partners, funding and cultural fit – will define your success. For startups, knowing when to outsource can significantly improve market position. And, speed up many operational efficiencies and time-to-market. 

This makes the importance of choosing an outsourced partner a high-priority decision. In this digital business environment, one role typically at the top of the list is that of software development.

Uruguay: one of the most advanced software development centers in LATAM

Finding the best developers should be an uncompromising process. And while many will look toward resources in India, there is a lesser-known, triple threat to be considered. In fact, it’s the most advanced software development center in Latin America: Uruguay. 

The country is the leading software exporter per capita in South America and ranks third in the world. There are many business reasons to consider this IT-focused country as a resource for your startup. Here are our top three:

3 Reasons to Consider Uruguay for Software Development

  1. Talent + Government Support

Uruguay is a country with 3.5 million people, and where 700 IT companies operate. Moreover, the Uruguay government has defined IT as a priority sector, making it the focus of development and promotion efforts to the global stage. In addition, the production of software is not subject to profit tax or VAT when produced for export. 

  1. Convenient Time Zone

Unlike India or the Philippines, this time zone conversion is friendly to both the U.S. and Europe. Essentially, time within this country is four hours ahead of locations which use Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Uruguay uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or also known as Universal Time. Of note, the International Space Station uses GMT, too. 

  1. Culture Fit

This country has a similar culture fit to the U.S. and Europe. Professionals have a high level of education, are friendly and are experienced with exporting software to more than 50 countries. 

To meet the needs of U.S. and European startups, Uruguay has the talent, accessibility and culture fit to position your fast-growing company for success. Expand your teams through software development outsourcing and take a different path from your competitors. Create and realize development efficiencies by considering resources based in the Silicon Valley of South America. 

Are you ready to talk about your resourcing needs? Learn how we uncover new, efficient approaches to develop software for our startup and accelerator clients.


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