Remote Teams Take on New Significance in Age of COVID-19

Remote Teams Take on New Significance in Age of COVID-19

Digital is now business imperative. Across the globe, customers and workforces have moved entirely online. Health and safety concerns from the Coronavirus now factor into every business decision, nearly everywhere. 

To keep teams safe and engaged, business executives are turning to creative solutions to help unify and inspire people, while also maintaining operations to serve the needs of customers: digitally. 

For years, the health care industry has provided online access to patients through telemedicine and virtual provider visits. 

How can your team provide clients with online access, advisory services or product engagement opportunities?  

Business Insights from Virtual Teams

Remote team structures and a digital mindset may be new to many companies. Digital marketing teams are in a unique position. Many digitally-led companies were founded on virtual work models and are tightly connected and highly productive teams – located around the globe.  

In fact, the business benefits of telecommuting and remote working arrangement models have been credited as saving businesses significantly on overhead and operational costs.  

The accessibility to basic technology requirements including an Internet connection and secure login procedures allow skilled professionals to deliver on global responsiveness for clients. 

The business case for remote teams couldn’t be higher. 

Adaptability is Digital

From on-demand delivery apps to social connectivity platforms and telehealth options, businesses that effectively build online relationships are better positioned for success. In fact, two-thirds of a company’s competitive edge is related to the customer experience. 

And mobile experiences matter most. The use of mobile devices by consumers to connect with brands for customer service is 78 percent, increasing to 90 percent with Millennials.  

Now more than ever, it makes sense to leverage global teams to accelerate customer engagement and inform target audiences with mobile apps, websites and more. 

Accelerated Development with Remote Global Expertise 

Kolinx, the smart money app (New York, New York)

The concept for this application was provide financial services to kids in the U.S. to encourage them to save and spend responsibly. The team developed app specifications from the initial planning stages.

The security requirements of a financial application and a flexible user experience were priority goals for this company.

This app was developed entirely with remote talent and included: mobile development with Ionic Framework 2, Python/Django for the backend, and a customized set of Ansible scripts to guarantee fast and reliable server configurations.
Albert is the first-ever artificial intelligence marketing platform. It helps businesses streamline the complexities of modern digital marketing by taking manual tasks and  driving fully-automated online marketing campaigns across all channels.

This platform needed to be scalable to handle the tremendous amount of data and constant urgent requirements. Due to the complexity and frequent change requirements, Albert was staffed with experts around the world to develop a robust platform for their clients.

Not only did the team leverage their expertise in SaaS projects, but they also suggested ways to improve Albert, from database design to APIs. The platform features Python/Django, Redis, RabbitMQ and MongoDB. 

Businesses across industries are finding new digital ways to engage, inform and serve people using remote teams. 

Are you ready to learn how staff augmentation and remote teams can accelerate your app or website using full-stack development? Meet a Innuy's team in this video.


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